League Rules.


Rules 2019 





Phil Staite 

18346 Hurontario Street Caledon, ON 

L7K 0Y5 


Rosanne Brett 

593569 Blind Line 

Mono, On 


Jason Hall 

38 Rayburn Meadows 

Orangeville, ON   





Membership in the Caledon Dufferin Interclub League is restricted to volunteer-run not-for-profit local community tennis clubs.  Participating communities: Belfountain, Bolton, Caledon, Caledon East, Erin, Orangeville, Mono Centre and Palgrave. 


  1. General Rules 

  1. Participating clubs must be from a volunteer-run, not-for-profit locally-based community. 

  1. Team players must be a member of a participating club. 

  1. Play is governed by “The Rules of the Court, Tennis Canada, 2019”. 

  1. The participation fee is $80.00 per team as determined at the Annual Meeting. 

  1. The League will create two divisions (A and B) if there are enough participants. 

  1. Participating clubs will enter their teams at the Annual Meeting.  

  1. A home-and-away schedule for each division will created and distributed by the League. 

  1. Time will be allotted for makeup matches prior to the playoffs. 

  1. Playoff date and locations will be determined at the annual meeting. 


  1. League Format 

  1. Each club must have a designated captain. 

  1. Each team must consist of 8 players (4 men & 4 women).  Players are organized into the following teams:  

  1. 2 mixed doubles (rank 1 & 2)  

  1. 1 women's doubles  

  1. 1 men’s doubles  

  1. Courts to be available at 7:00 p.m.  

  1. Fixtures to begin at 7:30 p.m. SHARP!  (Some flexibility is allowable due to court conditions). 


  1. Team Captains’ Responsibility 

  1. Fielding a complete team for each league fixture  

  1. Co-ordinating players into teams  

  1. Providing a completed scorecard to the visiting captain 

  1. Assure joint signature of the scorecard  

  1. Exchanging rosters at the same time  

  1. Deciding on the cancellation of a fixture (Home team captain has final decision) 

  1. Rescheduling rainouts in conjunction with the visiting captain 


  1. The Home Team’s Responsibility:  

PLEASE Note the Scoring will be changing, final process will be sent out closer to the season openers.  We are in the process of automating the scoring process to get instant results and more information. 

Process will be changing June 2019 to the new website – Information to follow 

  1. Co-ordinating food, drink and tennis balls 

  1. Coordinating the order of play with the visiting captain  

  1. The visiting team has the choice of service or side  

  1. Bringing a participant record/scorecard available from the Web site at http://www.caledondufferinterclub.weebly.com 

  1. Communicating the results (score) of the fixture to the Statistician no later than the Monday noon following the fixture  


  1. The completed scorecard should be e-mailed by the home captain to Jason Hall at: jhall@monocliffsinn.ca  

  1. Reporting rain date results to the Statistician as soon as the fixture or partial fixture has been completed 

  1. Copying the visiting captain on any email pertaining to their club (i.e. submission of scores and disputes)  


  1. Scoring 

  1. All teams will play two (2) sets and if tied at 6-6, a 12-point tiebreaker will decide the set, advantage points are played.  

  1. One point will be awarded for each game won and one additional point will be awarded for winning the set.  The maximum number of points for a set is seven (7). 

  1. If an entire team does not show for a fixture, the opposing team will be awarded points based on the greatest of the following:  

  1. average of their three (3) previous fixtures  

  1. if three (3) fixtures have not been completed, the average based on the previous fixtures plus the next consecutive fixtures to total three (3);  

  1. average of all their other fixtures in the season (to be calculated at end of season); or  

  1. points scored against defaulting opponent in the other scheduled fixture during the season. 

  1. Defaulting teams receive zero games. 


  1. Short-handed teams 

  1. If a club does not have a full team for any fixture, the teams will play the three matches for which there are players.  In order that there is not a default and in the spirit of the league.  

  1. The short-handed team may choose a player who has already played a completed match to play the remaining match. 

  1. The short-handed team can only record a maximum of seven (7) points for the match.  The full team is guaranteed a minimum of seven (7) points for the match, plus any additional points it may earn above that from playing to a maximum of 14. 

  1. In the event a team cannot field a player from their own club members, players may be borrowed from other league teams without penalty; preference is to borrow from teams not playing that night (teams that have a bye).  In the case of A teams, the preference is to recruit from own club’s B team before recruiting from another league club.  Recruitment from other teams must be through the Team Captain.  In the spirit of the league, appropriate substitute players should be chosen.  

  1. In the event that a team requires a sub from another team the short-handed rule applies (sub section b) Maximum of 7 and full team is guaranteed a minimum of 7 


  1. The final standings for the season will be determined based on the totals points for the season.  All teams make the playoffs. 

  1.  The top four (4) teams in the league standings will play for the Tier 1 Championship; remaining teams will play for the Tier 2 Championship. 


  1. Ties at the end of the season will be settled according to the record of play between the tied teams.  The criteria in order of priority is:  

  1. Total points in fixtures played between the tied teams 

  1. Total sets won in fixtures played between the tied teams 

  1. If the teams are still tied, it will be officially a tie – a coin flip will determine standing for playoff qualification/position purposes 


  1. Any player who has played in four (4) fixtures for their own A team cannot play for a B team.  


  1. A maximum of two juniors (under 16 years of age as of Jan. 1 of present year) are allowed to play for any given team on any given night.  


  1. Players must have played in at least two regular season fixtures for their own club to be eligible to participate in the playoffs. 


  1. In the event of a rainout or other unforeseen event, report the results of any completed matches to the Statistician by email. 

  1. All matches that have been completed (two sets) will stand  

  1. Regardless of completing one set, both sets must be replayed in their entirety 

  1. Any player who has not played in the fixture is eligible to play 

  1. If a player who has played a completed match must play, the 7-point ceiling rule (Rule #4) takes effect.  


  1. In the event of illness or injury during match play, the score will stand for the defaulting team to that point of play and the other team will claim the set(s).  


  1. A team may forfeit a fixture by default if a player that is scheduled to play is more than 30 minutes late.  The spirit of the league is to play.  If a player is late, then the captains should make all efforts to play the fixture.  If the captains cannot agree, then a default will be awarded 30 minutes from the vacant court.  In the case of playoffs, the grace period is 15 minutes from the scheduled time.  


  1. Any scheduling or other issues that cannot be resolved between the captains must be brought to the attention of the Convener whose decision is binding. 

  1.  Playoffs 

  1. Date: Saturday, September 7th (rain date Sunday, September 8th) 


  1. Location: A Division - Caledon Tennis Club

                          B Division - Orangeville Tennis Club 

  1. Format: The top four (4) teams in the league standings will play for the Tier 1 Championship; remaining teams will play for the Tier 2 Championship. All matches will be completed in their entirety (even if points do not affect the result of the fixture due to previous match results).  

  1. Schedule: The playoff schedule will be posted on the league website.  

  1. Playoff Scoring - same as regular season play 

  1. Short-handed teams: 

  • First round: substitute players not scheduled to play may be recruited from other teams without penalty (through the players’ captain) 

  • Second round: substitute players can be used for a second time; also players eliminated from the first round be may selected via lottery without penalty  

  • Substitute players (one male/one female from each team) must be identified for the lottery prior to the first round if required 

  1. In case of a tie - both teams return and play a tiebreaker until one team wins a majority of the tiebreakers.  If the teams tie 2 consecutive tiebreakers if both captains agree, a coin can be flipped to determine who proceeds to the next round.  If both captains do not agree, the teams will proceed to play another tiebreaker. 

  1. Only players who played in the preceding fixture are eligible to play the tiebreaker.  If a player was injured and could not complete the preceding fixture, the team may substitute an eligible player from their club.